What is longrich all about?

  Longrich is a manufacturing company with offices in 183 countries. Her research institutes are in Newyork, France, Japan and China. It is ranked by Direct sales news as no 42nd of the 100 top mlm coys in the world. It is Chaired by Xu zhiwei.(most outstanding Chinese entrepreneur of the world economy).


What products do Longrich have?

Their products include everyday consumables such as Toothpaste, cream, soap,shampoo, roll on,fruit n vegetable shakes,health wine, mouth freshner, green tea, coffee, mosquito repellent, hand cream, pad and Panty liners that treat and prevent infection, supplements like calcium, natural antibiotics, cooking pots, cups,& so many other products. All their products are therapeutic and multi functional.


Is the Longrich company credible?

LR is over 27 years old, and has bagged loads of awards and certifications from ISO, Fri, USDA organic, WHO, SGS tested, CDS, Nafdac, ISBN.
Ranked in Forbes as China's top company.
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